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At an affordable price, in a timely manner.

Our $500 website promotion is the most affordable and stress free way to establish a custom website and have it available for the world to see. Let us do the heavy lifting.

Simple. Affordable. Reliable.

We have developed a simple, yet effective website design, development, and hosting process that allows our team to develop professional desktop & mobile friendly websites at an affordable price.

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Fill out our onboarding form then schedule a private phone call with one of our lead designers & developers.

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Once we have all the details, information and graphics we need for your project we will get to work!

Enjoy Your New Website

In no time at all you will have your custom website to show off to your friends and customers.

Battle Tested & Ready To Deliver.

Our 100% USA based team is on stand by and ready to work. We take pride in employing American workers and never outsourcing our product. Our hands on approach allows us to have top notch quality control with a quick turn around time. With us, communication is never an issue.

Our motto is, and always has been; “Under promise and over deliver.”

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  • User Interface
  • Custom Styling
  • Brand Awareness  
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Super Fast & Reliable
  • Daily Backups
  • Hand Coded
  • Industry Standard
  • SEO Friendly
  • Server Up-Keep
  • Security Monitoring
  • Anti Malware Scanning

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it all cost?

The $500 dollar website is designed to work well for all types of businesses, organizations and personal websites.

Websites are a lot like vehicles: options can range from economy, to standard, to “fully loaded” – every accessory costs extra.

The $500 dollar website is considered to be an economy model. it has the same inner workings as a custom website. However, many options (that you may never use) are not included. Therefore, you don’t have to pay for them.

However, unlike a vehicle, extra features can be added as you need them. This helps to minimize your upfront cost. If you eventually need upgrades and additions, they usually can be completed quickly and for a reasonable cost.

How long does it take?

One of the greatest features of the $500.00 Website is that it can be deployed really quickly.

The fastest that we have ever done this was in one calendar day! A client needed a website for a new company 3 days before they traveled to a trade show. It wasn’t perfect, and had a few rough edges. By the time the trade show was in it’s second day we had most of the content in a good form.

On average, it is typical to deploy one of these sites in one to two weeks. If you:

  • have your content written, and organized,
  • have your pictures chosen and organized,

A one week turnaround is possible, assuming that we are not incredibly busy for some reason.

If you are interested feel free to contact us!

What is the cost to maintain a website?

After the 3 month introductory period, hosting is billed monthly, quarterly or yearly, with rates starting at $19.99.

What if I need a website that is larger than a standard $500 website?

At Accelerated Vision we develop websites of all sizes, looking for a multipage informational website or an E-Commerce store to sell products? Email us to discuss how we can help!

Affordable Pricing

Our $500 website deal is all inclusive and no hidden costs. Any work not covered under the promotional deal will be billed separately.

Web Development


/One Time

Custom Designed & Developed One Page Website



/Up Front

Free Hosting For 3 Months, Only $19.99 Per Month After!




Security, Upkeep, Daily Backups & Small Onsite Changes!

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