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As online business is ever-increasing, the need to have a quality website and an attractive online presence is becoming more essential with each passing day. When it comes to branding, design, and coding it’s not always apparent what you should expect to pay, especially because of the aggressively competitive nature of the graphic design market. Some designers may be offering what seem to be fair prices while others are asking exorbitant payment for what you might consider to be a simple task. So, if you are looking for a logo, graphics, web design, or web developer you may be thinking, “How much should I pay for web design?” or “What is a fair price for a logo?” but before you start signing any contracts here are some things to consider. 

Freelance graphic design is complicated in its own right but knowing what to charge is also confusing at times, especially because there are no real standards to guide creators of such content. Luckily, a survey of 200+ designers was conducted by Foylo to help distinguish fair pricing for quality work, giving business owners a better idea of what to expect when asking for graphic design—and what quality designers can justifiably charge for their services. 

What they found may surprise you but knowing what is fair before you engage in any search for these services will help you understand what quality work actually costs and ultimately, save you from paying for unsatisfactory services. 

To start, the survey found that a single logo, such as the Nike swoosh or the JP Morgan Chase octagon, should be $1,200 (of course these companies paid exponentially more for their logos in the long run) and this excludes any further branding or visual identity which would cost much more. It should be noted that a business could easily find these services for less, but the quality of work will be reflected in the price. 

If you’re looking for the design of a home page you should expect to pay in the ballpark of $2,000 and that is strictly for design, without functionality, coding or online implementation. Of course, you can find offers for less but this is the standard and anything less should garner some skepticism. A web page design with more complex features can go up to $5000 and to get a full yet simple home page with a couple of sub-pages online and running should cost at least $4000. This is for a very basic and easily coded site, anything with more intricate design and features could end up costing much much more. 

These prices may scare you at first but when you consider the value of a well-designed and functioning website then there is little room for debate. The potential to profit from your online presence is only limited to the appeal and ease of navigation provided by your designer. 

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